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Resources about the Coronavirus

New Jersey resources:

NJ 24-Hour Public Hotline: 1-800-222-1222

Disaster preparedness:

Health information and resources:


FEMA Psychological First Aid for CERT - Join this deep-dive session to learn strategies on how to address psychological stress in yourself, coworkers, or general public during the course of your emergency response.

FEMA Trauma-Informed Management of People in Crisis - What is “trauma” from a psychological standpoint? Find out the answer to this question and how crises effect individuals. Webinar attendees will gain a better understanding of how to recognize signs of stress in coworkers, the general public, or themselves; and develop approaches on how to effectively manage them.

About NJCAR:


NJCAR’s primary aims are to prevent and mitigate the loss of cultural and historic resources in the event of a disaster and to serve as a statewide resource.

The functions and duties of NJCAR are to engage in the following activities:

Conduct regular steering committee meetings to address pertinent issues regarding emergency preparedness and response.



6/5/19: Disaster Preparedness Workshop

6/10/19: NJCAR Regional Kick off Meeting - Central Jersey


6/12/19: NJCAR Regional Kick off Meeting - North Jersey


6/10/19: NJCAR Regional Kick off Meeting - South Jersey

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