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Free Training

Fire Suppression for Museums


October 10, 2023
1:00PM-2:00PM ET

Fire is one of the greatest threats to museums and other cultural properties.  Safeguarding these institutions and their collections requires fire suppression systems in addition to effective fire prevention measures.  This presentation will provide an overview of the various types of fire suppression systems appropriate for cultural properties, including wet, dry and pre-action sprinkler systems, as well as water mist, total flooding clean agent, and hypoxic air systems.  We will look at their benefits and drawbacks, as well as the practical application for small and mid-sized institutions of these systems in the museum environment.

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The New Jersey Cultural Alliance for Response (NJCAR) empowers New Jersey's cultural communities to preserve their valuable assests and sustain operations before, during, and after a disaster strikes. This new alliance is composed of a network of organizations, associations, agencies, and individuals dedicated to safeguarding the State's cultural heritage. NJCAR is affiliated with the national group  - Heritage Preservation's Alliance for Response.

What is NJCAR?

What is New Jersey's Cultural Community?


  • Libraries

  • Museums & Galleries

  • Performing arts venues

  • Archives & Manuscript Repostitories

  • Historic districts, sites, and parks

  • Artists

  • Historical societies

  • Arboretums and botanical gardens

  • Archeological sites

  • Affiliated persons, agencies, and organizations

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